Gathering for the DepartedEdit

This is a rite for the newly dead. It is most often performed by either a Galliard or a packmate of the departed Garou. This rite varies dramatically from tribe to tribe. For example, a Fianna ritemaster leads the sept in the telling of tales, both raucous and heroic, about the fallen Garou. In contrast stands the Wendigo's solemn rite, in which the ritemaster and all the fallen one's packmates stand on the highest peak available, tails to the wind, and howl out their pride and grief to speed their companion onward to her next life. What matters in not the exact form the rite takes, but the acknowledgment itself.


The ritemaster leads the release of the Garou's combined emotions into the spirit world. Such emotions are said by the Uktena to have a real impact upon the Umbra and may help to ensure that the departed Garou remembers something of her previous lifetime (i.e., the character's next incarnation has the Past Life Background).

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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