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Originally practiced by the Glass Walkers of Rome, this Minor Rite consists of daily alcohol drinking while in relative peace. The rite's adherents claim that this practice keeps the mind calm for a time, allowing them to walk among Humans more easily. As this Rite spread and was 'tweaked' by other tribes, the specifics have altered. Silver Fangs and Glass Walkers use only the finest wines, the Black Furies prefer naturally brewed ales, and the Fianna adore their whiskey. The Bone Gnawers and their 'Rite of Guzzlin' Brew' are, to be honest, little more than a mockery, but usually reach the same frame of mind after a six-pack or two.

System Edit

After performing this Rite every day for a full month, the Garou's Rage score when dealing socially with humans is considered to be one less. (This can lower their effective Rage to no lower than 0) If the Garou forgets to perform the Rite for a single day, he must perform it again for a full month before it will again take effect.

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