Gaia's Vengeful TeethEdit

One of the greatest punishments among the Garou, this rite is reserved for traitors: those who consort with the Wyrm, cowards whose actions (or lack thereof) cause the deaths of many others, and the like. The traitor is taken by at least five Garou to a spot of hard, cracked earth and stones. The ritemaster then stabs a sharpened twig or stone into her own hand as she recites the traitor's sins against Gaia. Smearing her blood over the traitor's eyes, ears and forehead, the ritemaster cries in grief and rage. As the blood and tears drip to the hard ground, the rite takes effect. From that moment on, whatever of Gaia touches the traitor transforms into razor-sharp silver so long as it touches his flesh. The traitor is then chased like a dog by Crinos hunters. The ground beneath the traitor chews into his feet, and his death becomes an agonizing ordeal. The offender's name is then stricken from all histories and will be spoken only as a curse from that moment forward.


So long as the ritemaster's blood touches the traitor's body, the traitor cannot step sideways into the Umbra. No one survives this rite.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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