Rite of Feng ShuiEdit

This Rite of Accord is a more permanent version of the Rite of Cleansing. Through the use use of geomantic lore and tools (small mirrors placed in just the right locations to divert bad energy), the Garou can cleanse a place and make it more conducive to good energies. There is a whole body of knowledge associated with Feng Shui geomancy, including the colours used in the area, the directions the walls face and in which lines converge, the topography of the area (hills, depressions, rivers, etc). This lore must be called on for the rite to work. See the Feng Shui skill, above.


The ritemaster must first succeed on a Perception + Feng Shui roll; no rite can proceed without success there. Each success on that roll subtracts one from the difficulty of the rite roll.

For the rite, the ritemaster rolls Manipulation + Rituals, difficulty 9 (minus the successes on the Feng Shui skill roll). The rite will last for one week per success. After that time, subtle changes in the environment or the change of the seasons will require a new rite. In addition, if any of the mirrors are removed or broken or the landscape is significantly changed, the effects of the rite are cancelled.

Source: Stargazer Sourcebook

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