Rite of End TimeEdit

This rite takes three exhausting days. The rite participants must dance and chant continuously the entire time. When the rite is completed, the participants know whether their recent actions have made the Apocalypse more imminent or less so. They also get a sense of how recent actions taken by the entire Garou Nation have affected the Apocalypse.

The Children of Gaia believe that the world will not be destroyed in the Apocalypse, but changed into a new form based on the methods and tactics of those who triumph in the great battle. This rite gives them a chance to see what that world will be like if the Apocalypse were to come with the Garou in their present state. Many such rites show the Wyrm triumphing over a divided Garou nation. Some rites have shown the Garou triumphing, but recreating the world as a place of hatred, division and betrayal - reflecting the tactics that the Garou would use in prosecuting such a war. This direct, first hand experience of the outcome of the Apocalypse stirs the Children of Gaia to find new solutions.

The Children of Gaia have invited other tribes to participate in this rite, but few accept. Those who do so often become converts to the Children's way of thinking on Apocalypse matters. The Children of Gaia try to earn great favors from the leaders of other tribes, so they can demand that those leaders participate in the End Time Rite when it is time for them to return the favor. The Children want all the tribes to learn the secrets of the Apocalypse.


The ritemaster rolls Wits + Rituals against a difficulty of 7, although the Storyteller may lower this as the Apocalypse becomes more imminent.

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