Rite of Dormant WisdomEdit

This forbidden rite is known only to the Eaters of the Dead. The practitioner and his aides may gain the knowledge and memories of a dead person by ritually devouring the deceased's brain. The corpse can be long dead, as long as the brain hasn't fully decomposed. Those participating in the rite must roll Intelligence + Occult (difficulty 9). The number of successes determines how complete the memory transference is: one indicates that the Eater gains the dead one's most recent memories, while five confers total life memories. No special abilities (Disciplines, Gifts, or the like) can be learned from this rite, but the Eater may learn any number of passwords or occult knowledge.

However, the Wyrm's touch is on this rite. If the rite is practiced more times than the character has Gnosis, then the character will become wholly of the Wyrm, servant of Foebok, Urge Wyrm of Fear. A botch will also destroy the character's mind, making him an insane slave to the Wyrm.

If the ritemaster and his aides each spend a permanent Gnosis point, they may perform this rite on a Garou or mummy. The rite also works on immobilized or torporous vampires, although cutting into a Leech's cranium will certainly awaken it.

Source: Silent Strider Sourcebook

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