Rite of DefianceEdit

This rite is performed regularly by the Red Talons, and is usually performed at the heart of a caern. It symbolizes the deep connection between the Red Talons and the wilderness they protect and their determination to keep the tide of humanity and the Wyrm from profaning their secret place. The rite is performed every time the Red Talons suffer a setback in this mission. It gives them renewed hope that their task is worthwhile, critical and achievable.

The Garou gather quietly in the caern, spirits low because of their recent defeat. No ritemaster is chosen for the rite; rather, whichever Garou has the most hope in her heart stands and begins slowly and softly to howl. As other Garou find strength in their packmate's bravery they stand and join the howl. Eventually all the Red Talons howl together, the polyphonic sound carrying their defiance all the way to the boundaries of their territory and beyond.


The self-appointed ritemaster rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 7). If successful, every participant replenishes one point of temporary Willpower. It is possible for a group of particularly downtrodden Talons to lie for days at the caern until one is sure enough to begin this rite.

Source: Red Talon Sourcebook.

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