(Level 1 Rite)

A rite created as a supplement or alternative to Questing Stone, this rite empowers and attunes a dedicated item to the rite's subject, allowing them to always know in what direction the item lies.

System Edit

The item in question must first be dedicated to the subject via Rite: Talisman Dedication. After this is done, the preparation for this Rite may occur. The subject spends a Gnosis as the Ritemaster rolls as normal for a Mystic Rite. For every success, the item's Dedication is empowered for one day.

This empowerment may instead be made semi-permanent if the subject attunes a second point of gnosis into the Dedicated item.

For as long as the Dedicated item is empowered, the item's attuned owner may at any moment intuit the location of the item. This intuition manifests as an unerring internal compass that will direct the owner to the item in a straight line, be it thousands of miles away, in the air, or underground. This intuition does not illuminate exactly how the owner should get to the item, however.

NOTE: This Rite is currently proprietary to Beren Akana, though it's possible someone else could have developed the same rite. Please talk to Fenris before taking this rite.

Source: Homebrew

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