Rite of Death-CraftingEdit

(Level Five) When an enemy has quickened a deep and all-consuming rage for vengeance within the heart of a Garou, that werewolf may choose to fashion a ritual weapon to be used for only one purpose -- the death of this hated foe. The weapon must be fashioned over the course of a complete cycle of the moon (one month) while concentrating upon the one it is intended to slay. The weapon must either incorporate some object previously taken from the foe or a drop of blood and the tears of the maker brought forth under the full moon. During the rite proper, the Garou calls forth a spirit of vengeance, which enters the weapon, which becomes imbued with the power to slay the one who truly wronged him. A deserving enemy is struck down by even the slightest blow or scratch, but, if the foe has not truly harmed the Garou, the weapon inflicts only normal damage.


Creating the weapon of vengeance requires the Garou to spend one point of Gnosis and make a Dexterity + Crafts roll (difficulty 7). During the month in which the weapon is constructed, the Garou can do nothing else strenuous that takes him away from the caern, nor can he leave his work to return later. If the attempt to create the weapon fails, another month must be spent to repeat the crafting. The rite itself is performed once the weapon is completed.

The weapon itself inflicts ten health levels of aggravated damage, but only against the intended target. Once the weapon has struck the Garou's enemey, it shatters, wounding the slayer for two aggravated health levels as she has allowed vengeance to so rule his path. If the enemy dies from the blow (as is likely), her spirit is ravaged by agonizing pain at the time of death.

Source: Croatan Song.

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