Rite of ContritionEdit

This rite is a form of apology; it is often used to prevent the enmity of spirits or Garou whom an individual has annoyed, or to prevent war between septs or tribes. The rite most often involves the enactor dropping to her belly and sliding forward. the Garou may also whine and lick his paws or hands. If performed well, however, a simple inclination of the head may suffice. To enact this rite successfully, the Garou must either give a small gift to the offended individual, or in the case of a spirit, possess some aspect of the spirit in question (for example, a clay falcon if the Garou is appealing to the totem spirit Falcon).


The difficulty level of the rite equals the Rage of the target spirit or Garou (maximum of 10). One success is considered enough for a gracious apology, but may not be enough to mend friendships or forgive grevious errors. The more successes, the greater the wrong that can be forgiven. Garou who refuse to recognise a Rite of Contrition are looked badly upon by elders; most spirits will always accept a well-performed rite. This effect lasts until the Garou performs an action that could harm or insult the other.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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