Communion with the StormEdit

Grandfather gives guidance to those who stray from the path of wisdom. In the midst of the raging storm, a Garou can come to terms with the dark ambition and hatred that dwells within his soul by focusing his suffering as a weapon against his enemies.

This rite can only be performed in the midst of a heavy rainstorm or thunderstorm. As an incidental effect, the storm will become stronger in the area in which the ritualist is performing. The ritualist must perform the ceremony alone if it is a personal rite, but a group can perform it if they are united in one task. If successful, the ritualists may face the heavens and speak of that which troubles them. Grandfather will respond with the sound of thunder, and the purity of their task will be felt within their hearts.


For the duration of the rite, any roll involving Enigmas has a difficulty of three lower than normal (as long as it is not less than a difficulty of 4). The ritualists may bring their grievances to Grandfather. If the solution to the problem requires violence, each ritualist will gain one point of Rage. If the solution to the problem requires wisdom, each ritualist will end the ceremony with one point of Gnosis.

Source: Shadow Lord Sourcebook.

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