Rite of ComfortEdit

This rite is performed over a subject suffering Harano. If successful, the sufferer is thereafter prevented from falling any deeper into Harano. The rite does not cure the condition, but simply prevents it from worsening. Harano cannot be cured except by individual quests, tailored by the Storyteller. The sufferer may not commit self-destructive acts after the rite has been performed. The self-destructive actions of Harano are dictated by the Storyteller, and not by the player.

During the rite, the ritemaster chants soothing songs to the Harano sufferer. The sufferer may choose to walk out on the rite before it begins, but after it has begun, she must rests (see below) to be able to leave.


The ritemaster makes his roll (Charisma + Rituals against a difficulty of 7); the recipient gains the ritemaster's number of successes as special Willpower points. These Willpower points may take the recipient over ten in her Willpower score. The recipient may spend these special points to resist self-destructive impulses caused by Harano, but may not spend them for any other reason.

If the recipient is unwilling to receive this benefit, she may resist with a Wits + Primal Urge roll. If she does not successfully resist against all the ritemaster's successes, she is prevented from taking any self-destructive action until she has used up all the special Willpower points resisting self-destructive impulses. If she successfully resists, she is not affected by the Rite of Comfort.

Source: Child of Gaia Tribebook.

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