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Many Stargazers practice such energy techniques as Chi Kung or Yoga. These practices cleanse the aura/meridians/chakras to aid in health and mental acuity. Chi Kung is similar to the Chinese art of Tai Chi, and involves both standing and sitting meditations. Yoga seeks to repeat the postures each being performed when in the womb, to awaken primordial energy and health; there are many Garou yogas for each form, from Homid to Lupus.

These exercises are usually done for one hour in the morning and provide their effects for the full day, although certain types of energy work can be done during certain hours of the day for best effect. If less than an hour is practiced, the rite is not effective.

There are deeper and deeper levels of such practices, represented by five levels of rites.


Roll Stamina + Rituals against a difficulty of seven. The effects of success depend on the level of the rite:

Level Effect
1 Cleansing. Tones the body and removes stress and fatigue.
2 Exercise. Stretches the body and builds endurance. -1 difficulty on all Stamina rolls for the day.
3 Centering. Character can regain one Willpower point with a successful rite roll (difficulty 8). This may be attempted only once per day.
4 Meditation. Character can meditate while practicing this rite; she can regain two Gnosis points per hour spent meditating, and has a -1 difficulty to her Wits + Engimas rolls.
5 Restoration. Heals one Battle Scar: Character must perform this rite every day for one week per result on the Battle Scars roll. After this time, the scar will disappear along with its ill effects (as well as any Renown gained by wearing such a scar.)

Source: Stargazer Sourcebook

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