Rite of the Cardboard PalaceEdit

(Level One) Through this rite, a Garou can transform any flimsy structure into a decent place to sleep. This often involves a lot of cardboard and newspaper, but the rite can be invoked from just about anywhere you want to call home for the night. The new "walls" of your home become water-resistant and insulated, keping everyone inside warm and dry. Not surprisingly, you can perform this ritual in full view of the mundane populace without breaking the Veil. For some travelers, performing this ritual is just a matter of habit. It may simply involve making a few personal touches to make your space feel secure and safe. For powerful Theurges, the cardboard palace becomes a place of healing as well.


When performing this rite, roll Intelligence+Survival (difficulty 6); with at least one success, you can turn an ordinary shelter into a comfortable place to sleep. If you spend a point of Gnosis before the roll, the shelter is more than just comfortable. The Garou (or other shapechanger) living in the cardboard palace can roll Stamina for every day of rest; three success heals an additional aggravated wound. Whether the space is dedicated or not, it can be cast on anyone's structure--not just the ritualist's.

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