Calling the StormEdit

This rite is a declaration of war against a ruler who has been tainted by the Wyrm or who has committed a major transgression against the Litany. The accusation of transgression must be pronounced at a moot by one who is not a Shadow Lord. The crime does not have to be substantiated, but it must be true. The rite begins with a gathering of stormclouds. The amount of time required for this to occur depends on the weather at the time. If rain is incipient, the effects may only require one scene to manifest; if skies are clear, the effects may take a full day. (The Gift{sic} is not a "rain dance". It may not be used with impunity in the Sahara Desert or Death Valley. Storyteller's judgment - or Grandfather's judgment - is required.)


Once the tempest begins, each individual who has conspired against the ruler over the course of the last two days gains two points of Rage; each Shadow Lord also gains one point of Gnosis. The animal instincts of the Garou grow stronger: Any roll involving Primal-Urge (including Tracking) is performed at a difficulty two lower than normal. This will only occur, however, if the charge is true. If the charge is not true, lightning will strike, and each participant in the ceremony will take three levels of aggravated damage.

Source: Shadow Lord Sourcebook

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