Calling the Spirit Guide (Level 3)Edit

This rite serves as a quicker way to summon spirits while in the Umbra, but only spirits that can guide the summoner to a location. The spirits summoned with this rite will not teach the character anything or assist in the usual ways, but can be asked to help find a place, person or item within the Umbra. The rite involves calling out through a specialized dance and chant taught to the Garou as she learned this rite.


Standard roll for performing this rite, but lower the difficulty by one if the character seeks a particular spirit whose name she knows. As usual, failed or botched rolls often involve angered or hostile spirits appearing. When the spirit appears, it can lead the character or her pack to a Near Realm without difficulty. There is no further roll required here, but as customary it will want something in return for its services.

It can also help search for a place or a person. The spirit is not omniscient, and can only help locate the target. The ritemaster gains five bonus dice to his Perception + Investigation rolls throughout the quest, as long as the spirit assists him.

The spirit can also attempt to lead the characters to the Deep Umbra. In this case, stakes are much higher, and the characters may need to haggle a great deal (but not so much as to offend the spirit) to get a reasonable price. Also, the characters must locate an anchorhead themselves, and they travel into the Deep Umbra at their own risk. If the characters manage to persuade the spirit to accompany them on their entire journey, they will be able to return safely to the anchorhead.

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