(Level 3)

  • Note: This rite is mostly unused in the common day; a character would need a decent explanation for having it.

The deeds of the Garou on the frontier are as bold and powerful as the landscape itself. The septs who live there exist in a rough environment, with little subtlety or finesse. This rite has been developed by these frontier Garou. Although the practice was begun by the Get of Fenris, it has caught on among Garou on both sides of the frontier. The rite is performed to commemorate a great and invaluable deed by a single Garou, or, less often, an entire pack in the service of a caern.

Each caern tht practices this rite has its own brand, a variant of its pictogram forged in iron. The hero is summoned in the caern's bawn, where the brand is heated in a ceremonial fire. At the closing of the rite, the caern's brand is burned into the Garou's shoulder, marking him forever as a champion of the sept. Some werewolves have taken to wandering the frontier looking for opportunities to perform deeds which are worthy of these brands, and collecting them.


The ritemaster need make no roll to successfully enact this rite. The Garou so rewarded sustains an aggravated wound and must make a roll to avoid frenzy. If the roll is successful, the werewolf gains 2 points of temporary Glory. Any subsequent brands achieved from different caerns by the same Garou are worth an extra point of temporary Glory (ie. the second brand is worth 3).

Source: Werewolf: The Wild West

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