Bonding Rite (Dies Ultimae, level 1) Edit

This literally named rite is quite simple, but also absolutely crucial to the entire camp's understanding of modern Garou war tactics. The rite temporarily binds a number of Kinfolk into a pack, asking the pack totem to accept them.

To perform this rite a length of surgical thread is passed through the knuckles of one hand of each pack member and prospective Kinfolk. Every Kinfolk must stand next to at least one Garou, which means at least one third of the expanded pack must be werewolves. In the gaps between each hand a steel charm in the shape of a glyph is hung from the surgical thread. The two ends of the thread are tied together to form a circle. Following this the ritemaster recites a prayer to the pack totem three times, speaking more incoherently each time. At the conclusion of the last prayer, each member rips their hand away, causing the surgical thread to rip through their skin. The thread will remain embedded in the ritemaster's knuckles. She then wears the ring of thread like a necklace. From now, she is the lynchpin of the pack. If she dies, the effects of the rite vanish.

System Edit

The ritemaster rolls Charisma + Leadership, difficulty 6. All Kinfolk involved in the rite recieve the blessings of the pack totem exactly as the Garou do and may take part in pack tactics with them. The Gift lasts for one scene per success on the initial roll.

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