Rite of BoastingEdit

Level One

Boasting and bragging have always been a vital aspect of warrior cultures. Boasts serve to work up a warrior's courage while putting fear into the opponent. But to truly impress, the boaster must back up his claims. This rite is more than formalized bragging, for it forces the Garou to "put up or shut up." Before a battle or mission, the Garou boasts before all assembled that he will perform a particularly impressive feat (for example, "I will kill three Black Spirals with only my claws," "I will scale the electrified razorwire of the refinery," or "I will be the first to reach the shield wall, there to wrest the enemy's standard from his dead hand."). The boast is performed in a ritual fashion, with a short recitation of lineage and a summary of glorious deeds performed to date. If he makes good on his boast, he magnifies the Glory of the act. If he fails, the resulting derision of his peers costs him Glory; boasting is only respected if you can back it up. This rite is most commonly used among the Fianna, Get of Fenris and Wendigo, but most tribes have some version of it.


For every two successes on a Charisma+Rituals roll (difficulty varies according to the feat proposed, with more difficult and glorious feats lowering the difficulty; the number should probably range from 4 to 8), the boast earns a potential extra temporary Glory, up to the amount of Glory the feat would ordinarily garner. If the rite is performed properly and the Garou successfully achieves his goal, he gains the Glory bonus. If he fails and lives, he loses that amount. If he dies while carrying out his deed, there is neither loss nor gain of extra Renown.

A single pack may boast of a deed, but only the pack leader can perform the rite. In this case, difficulty is increased by one, and the entire pack gains or loses the Glory award.

Source: Fianna Tribebook Revised

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