Rite of the Blackened Moon Edit

This rarely used rite creates a spiritually dead zone, essentially closing off a small space to Umbral access. The space can be no larger than a small hut or large room. Garou feel distinctly uncomfortable in this dead zone, and spirits trapped there can wither away to nothingness.

System Edit

The bounds of the space are inscribed with glyphs, and an herbal smudge or incense is burned to banish spirits and spiritual influences from the room. Each success (Wits + Rituals, difficulty 7) increases the Gauntlet by one, to a maximum of 10. In addition no Gnosis can be regained in an way within the warded space, and materialized spirits trapped within begin to unravel at the rate of 1 Essence/hour. The ritual's effect lasts a number of days equal to the ritemaster's successes, fading at sundown of the final day. This takes half an hour to perform, and can be continued as often as necessary.

Source: Book of Auspices

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