Rite of BecomingEdit

This rite is cast only at an Anchorhead domain. It enables the Garou to travel into the Deep Umbra. To perform this rite, the Garou must make a braid from three of her hairs, three pieces of fine copper wire, and three tendrils of ivy or other vine. Lengths of silk thread are sometimes substituted for the hair or wire. When the braid has been constructed, the Garou ties it around his own wrist and howls three words of power. The Uktena often drink a bitter potion that loosens the Garou's spirit from the Tellurian, while the Black Furies always perform this ritual in threesomes, never traveling the Deep Umbra alone.


If the braid is destroyed while the Garou is in the Deep Umbra, the Garou takes one Health Level of damage and risks becoming lost forever if he does not immediately return to the Near Umbra.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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