Baptism of FireEdit

Most tribes attempt to track down all children born to their Kinfolk within one month of the children's birth to see if they "share the blood". Those who are Garou are "baptized" in the light of their auspice moon, beside a rite fire. Such a baptism most commonly involves mingling ashes with a few drops of Garou blood; the mixture is then touched to the child's ears, nose, eyelids, and tongue.

In the presence of one the lesser tribal spirits, known as a Kin-Fetch, the babe is then held up to the moonlight while the baptizing Garou howls Gaia's greeting to the newborn. The ritemaster then has the Kin-Fetch kiss the infant. The spirit's fiery kiss inscribes a spiritual brand upon the babe in the form of the newborn's tribal pictograph. This mark is not visible on the newborn's body; the only mark left is spiritual. It is impossible to remove this spiritual brand. Such a mark can be traced and recognised by all Garou (including Black Spiral Dancers, who all too often track down cubs of other tribes and capture them in order to create more of the foul number).

The participating Kin-Fetch spirit is assigned to watch over the young Garou as she grows to maturity, so that the tribe may always know the child's location and whether she is endangered. When the child is about to undergo the First Change and is ready for the Rite of Passage, the spirit alerts the tribe. Unfortunately, such minor spirits are notoriously weak-willed and easily distracted. All too often a Kin-Fetch loses track of its charge or becomes lost itself, leaving the young cub on her own. Such "lost cubs," unless they are miraculously picked up by a tribe upon their First Change, often become Lunatics or recluses, terrified of themselves and unable to understand their powerful primal urges.


The ritemaster makes a Charisma + Rituals roll (difficulty 6). Only one success is required, but additional successes improve the chance that the Kin-Fetch will keep track of the child. This rite must be performed at night under the moon in which the child was born. Although this rite is normally performed within a month of birth, the brand can be inscribed at any time before the cub reaches adolescence and undergoes her First Change.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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