Rite of Bane Binding Edit

This powerful rite has served the Uktena over the centuries as a means for imprisoning Banes too powerful to destroy or banish entirely. Used only as a last resort, the rigors of performing this rite often result in death or permanent maiming of those who participate in it.

System Edit

The ritemaster leads the participating Garou through a series of steps meant to surround and subdue the targeted Bane. Once this is accomplished, all the participants sacrifice Gnosis in order for the ritemaster to construct a netlike web of Gnosis which envelops the Bane and renders it dormant and immobile. Individuals who exhaust their Gnosis must spend Willpower and then Stamina until enough power has accumulated for the success of the rite. Some Garou have been known to dance themselves to death during the performance of the rite.

At the culmination of the binding, the ritemaster rolls Wits + Rituals (difficulty 9; for every 20 points of combined Gnosis, Willpower and Stamina contributed by the participants, the difficulty is lowered by one to a minimum of two). A single success successfully creates a Bane-prison, while additional successes add to the strength of the binding. A botch on this roll indicates the ritemaster's immediate and (occasionally explosive) death. All participating Garou must roll their current Stamina (difficulty 9). Only one success is necessary to survive this demanding rite. Any who fail this roll succumb to the rigors of the rite, their lives consumed as a sacrifice to their dedication.

Source: Uktena Sourcebook

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