The Badger's BurrowEdit

The guardians (sept members) of the caerns become so connected to their bawn that they can sense all that goes on within its boundaries. The ritemaster enacting this rite gazes intently into a bowl of water, pool of ink, mirror or some such. At the same time, the Garou pours a small amount of witch hazel or other strongly scented astringent (such as urine) on the ground in front of her. Any other Garou watching or participating encircle the ritemaster and growl softly in the backs of their throats. Some of the younger Garou (Glass Walkers and Wendigo in particular) enhance the ritual through the use of mild psychotropic drugs, although many Garou frown upon this practice.


The celebrant must make a successful Perception + Rituals roll against the difficulty level below. Each success enables the ritemaster (often the Caern Warder) to ask one question regarding a defined area. The difficulty varies with the size of the area (see below). Failure indicates that the Garou sees nothing, while a botch means the Garou sees what she desires to see, regardless of the truth.

Area Difficulty
Small Room 5
Ballroom 6
House 7
Acre of Land 8
Small Forest 9

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse.

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