Rite of the Auspicious Season (Level 1) Edit

This rite not only honors the Incarna that rules a particular lunar month but also serves to petition that Incarna for help in certain undertakings which involve the Incarna's patronage. Although the basic format of the rite does not change, the specific details such as the songs, dances or incantations, uses of incense or special colors and costumes and the inclusion of symbolic objects appropriate to the Incarna may vary. Garou may perform this rite at any time for any of the planetary Incarnae, though the effects are stronger if the rite coincides with the appropriate astrological month. For example, a rite to gain Nerigal's favor for a coming confrontation with a hive of Black Spiral Dancers may be more effective when conducted in the month ruled by Nerigal or under the full moon, his favored auspice.

System Edit

The ritemaster rolls Wits + Rituals (difficulty of 6 if month, auspice or character's tribe corresponds with the Incarna for whom the rite is performed; otherwise, the difficulty is 7). Three successes are necessary to gain the attention and favor of the Incarna unless the rite occurs in the Aetherial Realm. In that case, only one success is necessary. No successes (or fewer than three for rites conducted in the physical world) indicates a simple failure of the rite; a botch gains the Incarna's attention, but not in a favorable manner. If the rite succeeds, all participants may gain a slight bonus to some appropriate Attribute or Ability, or else receive some other sign of the Incarna's favor. The Storyteller can determine what benefits result from a successful performance.

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