Rite of AdoptionEdit

  • Note: Several versions of this Rite exist, for varying tribes (note the Black Fury version Rite: Acceptance). However, the tribes that practice this Rite Most frequently are the Uktena and the Children of Gaia. Any other tribe member would need to have a firm reason why they'd be carrying a rite like this around.

A Garou candidate for the Rite of Adoption must first undergo a period of testing by a council of Uktena (or whatever tribe) elders from the sept she wishes to join. Similar in nature to the rigors of the Rite of Passage, these tests allow the council to assess the sincerity of her decision and her commitment to her new tribe. The actual rite consists of a ceremony in which the petitioner renounces her old tribe and casts aside any outward symbols of her previous membership, including tribe-specific fetishes and talens. In the presence of all participants in the Rite of Adoption, the candidate changes into Crinos form, symbolic of her First Change. The witnesses then proclaim her a "new Uktena", choose a name for her and welcome her into the tribe as a cub.

This rite may also be used on Kin (or any other mortal the tribe wishes to adopt). The process is essentially the same, but the tests are tailored to the Kin in question. Instead of the First Change, however, the Kin appears before the Elders naked, and is marked with the appropriate glyphs for the tribe, symbolizing a new birth.


A Garou who undergoes this rite begins again as Rank One, with appropriate adjustments in Renown. Although she may retain any Gifts she has learned previous to changing tribes, she must refrain from using any Gifts specific to her old tribe until she has learned an equivalent number of Uktena Gifts. Until she attains Rank Two, her actions are carefully monitored by her new tribemates, and any lapses meet with swift and harsh punishment. Too many regressions to the ways of her old tribe may result in banishing her from the tribe, thus making her an outcast (or Ronin).

A Kin who undergoes this rite is divested of all their privileges from any previous tribes. As above, if she has any Gifts related to her previous tribe, they may not be used until an equivalent number of gifts are learned from her new tribe.

  • Note: Any character with Pure Breeding will take a penalty to their social dice equal to their rating in that background when making any such rolls involving Garou or Kin who disprove of the Adoption. (This penalty may last forever; only great acts of renown are like to convince their peers that this Adoption is not spitting in the eyes of the Ancestors and so on).

Source: Uktena Tribebook.

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