Rite of AccomplishmentEdit

This rite is used to honor a Garou and recognize the trials he has endured to attain his current standing. An elder will call the honored Garou forward, much as the Garou might be called forward should the elders want to punish or criticize her. As the Garou advances, the elder begins listing all of the things the Garou did to gain the new Renown. The Rite of Accomplishment then takes place, and anyone who wishes to speak on behalf of the Garou being honored may do so. In conclusion, the elder says something along the lines of, "She is made greater in her tribe, her sept, and greater among the People everywhere. Let this be known."


This rite is performed when a Garou has 10 points of temporary Renown in a category and wishes to gain a point of permanent Renown. The difficulty is only 4 unless someone disputes the rite (see below). The difficulty in this instance is raised to 6. Only one success is required. A failure on the roll is considered indicative of a failing in the applicant - the ritemaster will receive a portent from Gaia showing the unworthiness of the applicant. If the roll botches, the applicant must undergo a penance before anyone will again give him the Rite of Accomplishment. Such is the injustice of society.

It is possible, although rare, that someone will try to dispute the rite. In this case, the disputer stands and heckles the ritemaster as he performs the rite, making bold assertions about the negative qualities of the applicant. The applicant so insulted must make a Rage roll not to frenzy; if he frenzies, the rite is over. If he keeps his cool, and the rite is successful, then no one can rightfully question his worthiness for at least three moons (no one can dispute any Rites of Accomplishment performed upon him during the next month and a half).

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