Rite of AbscissionEdit

(Level One) This rite is very, very new; only in recent years have the Garou learned enough about Abscesses to be able to find a defense against their formation. Affording the caern the spiritual fortification it will need to defend itself, this rite is not only dangerous to the ritemaster, but to the caern as a whole if not performed properly and in exact detail. Ideally, the master of this rite should be the same person that opened the caern in the first place. If this is impossible, the ritemaster must call out to the spirit of the werewolf who opened the caern and ask for strength and wisdom, offering up a gift of some sort or another in trade. Normally a chalice containing a small amount of blood from each member of the caern's Garou inhabitants is a worthy sacrifice, although the carcass of a Wyrm-minion, collection of talens or a greater fetish may also suffice, depending on the nature of the caern's spirit.

After the sacrifice is made (if necessary), the ritemaster must walk from the heart of the caern to the westernmost border of the caern's bawn at sunset and back again while the moon of her auspice is in apogee. The walk is performed while reciting the litany of every werewolf who has died in the defense of the caern since its opening. When the ritemaster returns to the heart of the caern, she must call out to the caern's spirit, re-affirming her sept's dedication to the caern in her solicitation for strength.


In order to initiate the abscission of a caern, the character engages in a resisted, extended roll of Perception+Rituals (difficulty 7). The number of successes needed equals 10 minus the caern's level.

The character is opposed by the mounting intensity of the forces of the Wyld that seek to manifest within the caern in an effort to create a Threshold. The dice pool of the wood-be Threshold is the character's Gnosis score, while the number of success needed by the Threshold equals the character's Willpower. The first one to garner the necessary successes wins.

If the character wins the contest, the caern's spirit has heard her call and marshals its spiritual as well as physical forces and allies in defense of the caern. The results of this call to battle are left to Storyteller discretion. If the character loses the contest, however, the Wyld's forces rally to attack the caern's inhabitants and the Abscess begins to manifest completely throughout the caern; assimilating, draining, and destroying all that seek to impede its progress.

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