Totem Cost Traits Ban Restriction
Cunning Totems
Coatimundi 4 Subterfuge 3, Stealth 2, Area Knowledge (Amazon) 3 -1 Honor when earned; don't harm pests; always help beggars
Coyote 7 Streetwise 3, Stealth 3, Subterfuge 1, Survival 1, Can find pack. -1 Wisdom when earned
Crow 2 Vigilance 2, Subterfuge 2, Etiquette 1 Be loyal, fanatic support. (Opt) Forsake wealth.
Cuckoo 6 Manipulation 1, Subterfuge 2, Overlook -2 Honor when Received; suspicious
Fox 7 Stealth 2, Subterfuge 3, Streetwise 2, Manipulation 1* Don't participate in fox hunts; -1 Temp Honor when Received
Goat 5 Subterfuge 2, Survival 2, Willpower rolls at -1 Difficulty Always eat what's offered
Hyena 4 Primal-Urge 2, Subterfuge 2, After Fostern rank: Laugh of the Hyena, 4 Willpower points per story Creeping madness No Higher-ranked Garou
Kookaburra 7 Subterfuge 3, Gift of Laughter Kill any snake except Uktena; cause laughter in any situation
Magpie 5 Subterfuge 3, Pack-Link, Talk to Magpies Gossip
Wild Opossum 4 Stealth 3, Resist Toxin, Initiative when forced into Combat Don't kill possums, attempt to dispose of roadkill properly
Urban Opossum 4 Stealth 3, Survival 3, -3 Difficulty to climbing Leave fruit and food for possums to forage in the park.
Pigeon 4 Blissful Ignorance, Attunement (Urban), Survival 2 (Urban), Speak to pigeons Feed birds, often ignored status/renown.
Rabbit 3 Camouflage, Vigilance 1 Spend Willpower to avoid fleeing when surprised.
Raccoon 5 Stealth 2, Survival 3, +1 dice for Brawl with Claws/Swipes Leave small shiny objects for Raccoon.
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker 4 Athletics 2, Survival 2, Spirit of the Bird, easier foraging, easy maneuvering through sticky substances Prevent extinction to woodpeckers; aid any woodpeckers
Roadrunner 3 Intelligence 1, Enigmas 1 Don't hunt roadrunners, prevent desert from defiling
Seagull 7 Choice for +1 temp Rage/Gnosis; +1 die in Perception & Enigmas, Primal-Urge 1 (Coastline, Sea), Tongues Don't harm a gull, surprise exploration quests, minus to temp Honor, plus to temp Wisdom. No people who can't find their way home on their own.
Whitewater 2 Swimming 3, Boating 2, Dexterity 1 when in rapidly moving water, Mother's Touch, Wisdom of the River Make home near her banks, don't pollute her rivers
Respect Totems
Bat 5 Enigmas 3, Ears of the Bat, Perception 1*, +2 Wisdom -5 Temp Honor, -1 Temp Honor when received, never fight with Gaia's children
Beaver 2 +1 die to Craft rolls, +1 die to Science rolls Spend Willpower to avoid playing practical jokes
Bison 5 1 Honor, Animal Ken 1, Enigmas 1, Survival 2, 3 Willpower points per story Always use part of what they kill constructively.
Brigid 5 +2 dice to Craft/inspiration rolls, -1 difficulty to bind spirits to fetishes Must celebrate Imbolc
Caribou 4 +2 dice to Survival rolls (aiding Garou in finding shelter/food/tracks/safety) Don't harm a baby or pregnant creature.
Chameleon 4 Blur of the Milky Eye, Perception 3 Must always observe surroundings before acting.
City Father 6 Gain Attunement of the city, 3 dice to Area Knowledge of the city, Glass Walkers +1 Wisdom, other tribes -1 Honor Favors to benefit the city
Falcon 5 Leadership 3, 4 Willpower points per story, +2 Honor Must not lose permanent Honor: must then do Rite of Contrition and suicide run.
Fir 3 Survival 2, Stamina 1, Whisper Protect the forest, use only dead wood
Glooscap 4 Survival 1, 2 Willpower points per story, -1 difficulty to hunting rolls, +1 Wisdom Must fight any creature altered by the Wyrm to be larger than original size.
Grandfather Thunder 7 5 Willpower points per story, +3 dice to Etiquette rolls, +2 Intimidation dice when invoking Thunder, +1 point of Honor Give peers/rivals no more respect than deserved.
Harpy Eagle 6 Spirit of the Bird, Intimidation 2, +1 Honor Protect trees, prevent deforestation in Amazon
Lion 5 +1 Honor, Animal Ken 3, 4 Willpower points per story, -1 difficulty to impress elder Protect animals from people who kill for sport/pleasure Favors Red Talons and Silver Fangs
Loon 5 Swimming 2, Athletics 2, Surface Attunement, food boon from thanking Loon, Cry of Awakening Prevent extinction of Loons, seek out opportunity to play
Old Wolf of the Woods 6 +3 temp Honor, respect of Red Talons, Ancestors 5* once per story for non-lupus abilities, -1 difficulty to pierce the Gauntlet Lupus garou only Lupus garou only
Osprey 5 +2 dice to any roll taken on/under significant body of water, Perception 1, Athletics 2 Protect water and do not allow it to be fouled (not even by peeing in it)
Pegasus 4 3 Willpower points per story, +3 dice to Animal Ken rolls, +2 Honor, favor of the Black Furies Must aid females of all species, especially young ones No Get
Quetzal 7 Appearance 1*, Etiquette 1, Melee 1, Leadership 2, +1 Honor, 3 Willpower points per story Act nobly; must engage in only honorable combat, minimizing the loss of human life as collateral damage; no intentional human sacrifice.
Scarab 4 Enigmas 2, -1 difficulty to pierce the Gauntlet, Pharaoh's Majesty, 2 successes instead of 1 on extended Willpower rolls after the first roll Must defend threatened Caern, improve reputation of Striders
Skunk 5 Odious Aroma, Gift of the Skunk, 3 Willpower points per lunar cycle, Stealth 1, Vigilance 1, Etiquette 1 Looked at as less Glorious, friendly fire with aroma gifts. No Garou who fight constantly or cause discord.
Stag 6 3 Willpower points per lunar cycle, +3 dice to Survival rolls, +1 dice to Stamina rolls for long running, +3 Honor, favor of Fianna, Changelings, Fae, spirits. Must always show respect to prey, must always aid the Fae.
Stourbridge Lion 7 +1 die to Charisma rolls, Etiquette 1, Athletics 2, +1 Honor, 3 Willpower points per lunar cycle Do not use cars or motorcycles, not a fan of planes/boats.
Sturgeon 4 -2 to difficulty of using Ancestors, -1 difficulty from learning Rite from Ancestor spirit. Consider all options, listen to Sturgeon's opinion, fight Taint/toxin
The Muses 5 Performance/Expressions/Enigmas* 1, Charisma/Appearance/Manipulation* 1 Devote lives to learning and art, defend free speech/expression
Thunderbird 6 Intimidation 1, Survival 1, 5 Willpower points per lunar cycle, may strike foes with lightning No cowardice; fight monsters, decay, wicked spirits.
Wild Turkey 5 Perception 2, Blending, +1 die when Intimidating/impressing. Never use/consume anything from domestic turkeys.
War Totems
Anaconda 5 +2 dice to Brawl rolls for grappling/overpowering, +1 die of damage in bite rolls, Stealth 3 Don't harm snakes
Badger 7 Stealth 2, Burrow, Stamina* 1, 5 points of Rage per lunar cycle Must sleep in wild, or build own homes.
Bear 5 Medicine 3, Strength* 1, Mother's Touch* once per day, ability to hibernate -5 Temp Honor, -1 Temp Honor when received
Black Unicorn 5 Brawl 1, +1 Glory, +3 soak dice, 5 Willpower points per story Defend those unable to defend themselves
Boar 5 Brawl 2, Stamina* 1 Don't hunt/eat boars
Bull 6 +1 Glory, Brawl 1, Strength* 1 -1 penalty on frenzy difficulty
Buzzard 4 +2 dice to Melee rolls, Dexterity* 1 Don't initiate fights with another Gaian werewolf.
Clashing Boom-Boom 8 +2 dice to Marksmanship and Melee rolls, maximum weapon difficulty is 8, instinctive knowledge to use any weapon, untrained Leadership rolls with no penalty, weapons never jam All CBB orders must be obeyed.
Crocodile 5 +1 die to soak rolls per rank, Primal-Urge 3, favor of the Mokole Must help those seeking revenge
Eagle 7 +2 dice to Brawl rolls, Strength* 1 Foes be decapitated and displayed in his name, be faithful to mates
Echidna 6 Burrow, Spines of the Echidna, metis with Weak Claws get strong claws after sacrificing perm. Gnosis Don't ostracize metis
Elephant 4 Strength 1, Charisma 1, Leadership 1, Intimidation 1, -1 difficulty to Occult rolls Prevent destruction of species, hunt illegal ivory traders, don't carry things made from elephant tusk
Fenris 5 Strength/Dexterity/Stamina* 1, +2 Glory, favor of Get Never pass up worthy fight
Flea 6 Luna's Armor, Hare's Leap, -1 Glory when received Leave fleas alone (can't scratch!) Only Bone Gnawers & Ragabash
Gila Monster 6 Venom, Implacable Grip -1 penalty to Initiative rolls; -2 when cold.
Granite 5 Strength 2, Intimidate 2, Strength of Purpose, Stone Mask Never back down from test of Strength or Endurance
Griffin 4 +3 dice to Vigilance rolls, communicate with birds of prey, +2 Glory, respect of Red Talons No homid Garou No homid Garou
Herne the Hunter 4 Stealth 1, Survival 1, Sense Wyrm Must always pursue and do battle with the Wyrm regardless of the odds
Hummingbird 6 Spirit of the Fray, Dexterity* 2, in Umbra can hover/fly up to lupus running speed Must supply 1 point of Gnosis per day
Jaguar 7 +1 die to Strength, +1 die to Dexterity, +1 die to claw damage Must kill any who destroy the rainforest, including Garou
Kangaroo 7 Hare's Leap, Survival 3, Intimidation 4 Must protect young and elders from threat
Moose 4 Melee 2, temp Strength* 1 when competing over mate/desire Must spend Willpower to deviate from determined course of action
Morrigu: Macha 8 Inspiration, Stoking Fury's Furnace, +1 Glory, -1 to social rolls when dealing with Corax and raven spirits Must never harm a raven, must always aid the Corax, must not show fear even in the face of death
Morrigu: Badb 8 Song of Rage, Merit: Berserker, +1 Glory -2 Wisdom, -1 to social rolls when dealing with Corax and raven spirits Must never harm a raven, must always aid the Corax, must not show fear even in the face of death
Morrigu: Nemain 8 Subterfuge 1, Fog of War, -1 Honor, -1 to social rolls when dealing with Corax and raven spirits Must never harm a raven, must always aid the Corax, must not show fear even in the face of death
Panther 5 Eyes of the Cat, -2 difficulty to stealth/balance/grace rolls, favor of Bastet Must aid felines in distress, bring gossip to her
Panthesilea 9 Possessed pack member gains: Leadership 7, Pure Breed 5, Melee 5, Brawl 7; rest of pack: Attunement, free from harm from Amazon creatures Missions from the totem, possessed member may lose Willpower
Porcupine 3 Intimidation 1, Melee 1 Tend to find romantic situations difficult
Rat 5 5 Willpower points per lunar cycle, -1 difficulty to bite rolls, -1 difficulty to stealth/quiet rolls, favor of Gnawers and Ratkin Must never kill vermin
Shark 6 Strength 1, Stealth 2, +2 dice of bite damage, swim for long distances without tiring Never take sadness or pleasure in killing
Tanawha 6 +2 dice to Perception rolls under open sky, Spirit of the Bird Protect all predator birds and avenge any deliberate deaths of hawks, eagles, and falcons
Tasmanian Devil 7 Hare's Leap, Enigmas 2, -2 difficulty to cross the Gauntlet, 5 Willpower points per lunar cycle Take every chance to kill a Spiral unless it's nigh suicidal, spread the story of the Bunyip
The Medusae: Euryale 4 Fatal Flaw, Hare's Leap, +3 dice for Intimidation rolls versus Males Pack can never have male members, will never subject themselves to male sept officials unless defeats alpha in open challenge
The Medusae: Helena 4 Name the Spirit, Charisma 1, +3 dice to Investigation pools, +1 Wisdom Packs must contain equal number of male/female garou, odd one out can be any gender, males can be metis
The Medusae: Isthene 5 +1 Glory, +2 dice to melee rolls when using a labrys, Rage* 1, cannot fox frenzy Pay back abuse by males disproportionately
The Medusae: Medusa 4 Inspiration, +3 dice to Craft rolls, +1 Honor Must not contain anything but Furies, no male metis; don't even consort with Fury male metis.
The Medusae: Stheno 4 +1 Wisdom, Strength of Purpose, Strength 1, Stamina 1 Must stand in as arbiter, especially in disputes between man and woman. Must seek out truth before judgment.
Tsetse Fly 5 Medicine 2, Mojo Curse -1 Honor, must always gain revenge
Typhon 5 Brawl 3, Temp Rage* 3 per lunar cycle, +2 Glory -2 Wisdom Must never pass up fight with worthy foe, spend time communing with storms
Walrus 7 +2 dice on Strength or Stamina roll (one member at a time), +2 Glory, +2 to soak against damage from the cold Never hunt for ivory, punish those who kill for vanity
Weasel 7 Dexterity* 1, Dodge 1, +1 die of bite damage Never show fear
Wendigo 7 Rage* 5 per lunar cycle, +2 Glory Must always aid animistic people in need
Winter Manitous 4 Chill of the Early Frost, Stamina 1, Survival 1 May not seek shelter from the storm until they have suffered frostbite
Wolverine 6 Stamina* 1, Rage* 1, can never run out of rage Always use rage in battle, never show mercy to foe
Wyvern 4 Alertness 2, Primal-Urge 2, Sight from Beyond, Call of the Wyld Must protect any caern
Wisdom Totems
Chimera 7 Umbral disguise, Enigmas 3, Perception 1, -2 difficulty to solve riddles/dream interpretation/enigmas, +2 Wisdom Must seek enlightenment
Cockroach 6 -2 difficulties to rolls involving computers/electricity/science, +3 dice on rolls to activate Gifts affecting technology, enter Umbra and view data stored on media/streaming through cables Don't kill cockroaches
Corn Maiden 5 Cookfire, +2 Wisdom, +3 dice on social rolls when dealing with humans when friendly/helpful Help plant/harvest corn, offer corn to strangers in need
Dana 8 Sense the Unnatural, entrance listeners through taletelling/singing/howling, +3 dots to Ancestors, favor of Fianna/fae/Changelings Hold a moot in her honor in each of the four seasons
Dolphin 4 Wisdom 1, Empathy 3, Charisma 2 Prevent hunting of marine animals, stop water pollution
Dragonfly 3 Vigilance 2, Brawl 1 Show patience in deliberation, act swiftly when decided. Protect dragonflies.
Epona 4 No penalty to Animal Ken/Ride rolls for Horses, -1 difficulty to cross the gauntlet, +3 dice to running rolls, +1 die of Stamina for long-distance running Don't eat horseflesh, don't be cruel to equines
Fog 5 +1 die to Subterfuge/Stealth rolls, -1 difficulty to Occult/Enigmas rolls, Curse of Aeolus If they reveal a secret to someone outside her sept, lose one WP permanently
Frog 4 Swimming 1, Sing Down the Rain, Dexterity 1 when leaping/sudden movements Never harm frogs/amphibians, preserve wetlands
General Lee 5 Drive 2, Crafts 2 (Expertise: Repair), -2 difficulty to tricky/dangerous driving maneuvers, alpha gains intuitive knowledge of all American highways Must tinker endlessly with their car
Goose 3 -1 difficulty to establish moon bridge, +1 die and difficulty 4 to Stam+Athletics to long running in lupus -1 to stealth rolls Rare among Wendigo
Hare 5 Survival 2, Subterfuge 2, Athletics 1, Hare's Leap, -1 difficulty to swift runners Spare his kin
Heron 5 +1 Wisdom, Enigmas 3, +3 dice to Cleansing/Purifying in Gaia's name, Open Seal Must discover and lay bare serious secrets at least once a moon
Ibis 5 Merit: Eidetic Memory, +1 difficulty for magic used against them Never harm a bird, seek out lost/forgotten lore
Jackal 5 Survival 2, Leadership 1, Blur of the Milky Eye, Ancestors 1 Can't strike first blow or else suffer bad luck, cannot take Flaw: Jackal's Blood
Jaybird 4 Blissful Ignorance, Charisma 1, -1 difficulty to fool another with words Each member must steal something once per lunar cycle.
Lyrebird 5 Expression 2, Subterfuge 2, Voice of the Mimic Must dress in drab colors, never be center of attention, performance modest
Mammoth 7 Enigmas 2, Strength* 2, Summon the Great Beast once a season Never be bullies, never seek power for its own sake
Mouse 1 Stealth 1, Tagalong Stay in homid until joining a pack with Tagalong.
New World Trinity 5 +3 dice when using Gifts involving Persuasion, Wisdom of the Ancient Ways, Dreamspeak Promote peace, seek justice, build communities
Orca 6 +2 dice to actions taken on/in water, Perception 1, Empathy 1, Primal-Urge 1, Pack-Link Cannot spend time apart long, protect bodies of water
Otter 4 Can float on water indefinitely, swim at twice normal speed, +1 Wisdom Maintain and save the sea
Owl 6 Premonitions of Danger, Umbral wings, +3 dice to Gift involving air/travel/movement/darkness, +2 Wisdom, favor of Striders. Leave small tied/helpless rodents for Owl to find
Peyote 7 Gnosis* 2 per lunar cycle, Rituals 1, Enigmas 1 Must take peyote once per season, uphold cultural values
Raven 5 Survival 1, Subterfuge 1, Enigmas 1, Wisdom +1, favor of Corax Carry no wealth
Rooster 3 Sense Wyrm Forbidden to eat domesticated animals.
Salamander 4 Stealth 2, Blissful Ignorance, each member able to exist in one scene per lunar cycle without breathable air Seek atonement for any salamander killed accidentally, avoid causing harm to salamanders, protect lands where salamanders thrive
Salmon 5 Spirit Speech, Salmon Swim, -1 difficulty on Engima rolls Protect and honor other spirits, must never refuse a call for aid
Soma 5 +3 to Enigmas dice, +1 to Rituals dice Bad trips to those who seek her for selfish purposes
Sphinx 7 +1 Honor, Wits* 1, Enigmas 3 Never refuse a riddle contest. Only Garou with sharp wits/clever tongues
Squirrel 4 Subterfuge 2, Knowledge 3 in any knowledges of choice, -1 Honor when earned, +1 Wisdom when earned. Skittish and jumpy, always enter fox frenzy.
The Grandfather 7 +3 dice to add in any combination to social rolls once per lunar cycle, Strength* 1 when in combat on solid ground/on or inside a mountain. Athletics 2 when rock climbing. Never be hasty judging others by race/social group/distinguishing factor except obvious enemies.
The Monkey King 8 Blur of the Milky Eye, Open Seal, -2 difficulty on evasion/escape rolls, Doppleganger can be purchased at level 3, Speed of Thought as Tribal gift, Abilities learning time is shortened. Stand up for freedom, including spirits in fetishes. Also lose Honor if abandoning someone they've befriended/are responsible for.
The Trash Heap 4 Once per lunar cycle, will answer question; pack communication via garbage; Enigmas 2, Investigation 2 Each full moon must declare a new giant trash heap as their home. Protect/carry out requests.
Themis 6 +1 Wisdom, Enigmas 1, Gnosis 1, Dreamspeak, prophesy. No Glass Walkers No Glass Walkers
Toad 6 Medicine 3, Craft: Elixirs, Resist Toxin, Venom -2 Appearance
Trout 5 Spirit of the Fish, -2 difficulties when swimming/escaping, +2 dice on Wits (one at a time) Never take more fish than needed, learn to swim without benefit of his gifts.
Twister 4 Dexterity 1, Strength 1, Primal-Urge 2 Must never leave residential area without some minor act of destruction.
Uktena 7 +3 dice to soak rolls in Umbra, shortened learn times on Engima/Occult/Rituals/Gifts/mystical knowledge, +2 Wisdom. +1 difficulty on social rolls with interacting with non-Uktena/Wendigo Garou, must recover mystical lore/objects/places/animals from minions of the Wyrm.
Unicorn 7 2x Normal sped in the umbra, -2 difficulty from healing/empathy rolls, +2 difficulty to harm other Garou. +3 dice when using Gifts of healing/strength/protection. +3 Wisdom. Aid/protect the weak and exploited.
Wind Incarna: East Wind 5 3 Gnosis points per lunar cycle, +1 difficulty to frenzy Ban: Must meditate for one hour per week
Wind Incarna: South Wind 5 Eye of the Eagle, Stamina* 1 Ban: Must meditate for one hour per week
Wind Incarna: North Wind 5 Occult 3, Enigmas 2 Ban: Must meditate for one hour per week
Wind Incarna: West Wind 5 Meditation 3, 3 Willpower points per lunar cycle Ban: Must meditate for one hour per week
Wind Incarna: Etheral Wind 5 -2 difficulty to step sideways Ban: Must meditate for one hour per week
Winter Wolf 7 Stamina* 1, Survival 2, Primal-Urge 1, Animal Ken 1, 3 Willpower points per lunar cycle (must sacrifice one Gnosis) Food should be left out in the harsher months for his kin

* means it's granted to each pack member separately.

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