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Flying rats of the city. Vermin. Disgusting. Pigeon gets a bad rap, but what many people (and Garou) often miss is the sheer adaptability and ability of Pigeon to thrive in its urban environment. Pigeon also has an amazing sense of direction in otherwise very confusing environments, able to navigate a sprawling urban arena with ease. In olden times of war, pigeons were once used to quickly and unerringly send messages through fields of battle. The persistence of Pigeon to survive can be an attractive quality to city Garou.


Packs can utilize the same overlooked status as Pigeon with the Gift: Blissful Ignorance. * Garou who follow Pigeon also gain the use of the Gift: Attunement in urban environments. * Pigeon aids his followers with extra help in surviving within the city. (+2 Survival in urban settings) * All pack members may speak to pigeons in the city without use of a gift.


Garou who follow Pigeon are expected to help feed the birds within any city environment. Because of Pigeon’s often ignored status, it is much harder for Garou following Pigeon to gain Renown for their deeds. Packs will have to do more to be recognized, and their deeds are sometimes forgotten in the midst of praising howls.

Source: Homebrew, written by Marahute

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