Basic Beliefs Edit

The world is made up of evolutionary chains. Animals are below humans, who are below the Kindred, who themselves are below something. The metaphysical, arcane members of Clan Tzimisce follow this Path, which focuses on defining and attaining the state of being beyond the curse of vampirism. Citing their use of the transformative Discipline of Vicissitude, the Tzimisce believe they have the potential to transcend the constraints of the flesh. Hearing Metamorphosist Fiends speak, however, reveals the true monstrosity of their philosophy; they believe that the next step is a state akin to apotheosis, and they will do anything - anything - to achieve it.

Some Metamorphosists believe that their ideology corresponds closely with the concepts of the enigmatic mages. Although their means are different - the Path of Metamorphosis leans heavily toward the passage from life into undeath and onward - it seems that both groups seek some sort of supernatural "ascension. "

The Tzimisce are characteristically thorough in their study of this Path's ideals. By coordinating their experiments on living, dead and undead subjects (as well as other curiosities they may come across, like werewolves or the errant ghost), the Fiends have formed complex theories as to precisely what the next step in vampiric transcendence is. The solitary and suspicious Tzimisce rarely compare notes, however, and the Path suffers as each follower spends much of her unlife learning the rudiments that other Kindred have already deciphered.

Hierarchy of Sins
ScoreMoral GuidelineRationale
10 Postponing feeding when hungry Hunger causes distraction.
9 Indulging in pleasure Hedonism deters one from greater ends.
8 Imploring another for knowledge The lessons of Metamorphosis are secrets that must be uncovered, not copied.
7 Sharing knowledge with another Knowledge must be learned, not simply illustrated.
6 Refusing to kill when knowledge may be gained from it Before superseding death, the Metamorphosist must understand the phenomenon.
5 Failing to ride out a frenzy A Kindled must know the Beast to transcend it.
4 Considering the needs of others Those who cannot be bothered to attain Metamorphosis are beneath one's attention.
3 Failure to experiment, even at risk to oneself The Path may be understood only through empirical research.
2 Neglecting to alter one's own body Physical change must be attained before any more significant metamorphosis.
1 Exhibiting compassion for others The fates of others drag one into devolution, not transcendence.

The Ethics of the Path Edit

  • Learn the characteristics of all stages of life and death.
  • One should not concern oneself overly with mortals - they are a step below the Kindred, not above them.
  • Do not share knowledge with others, as it is too valuable to trust to a flawed creature like oneself.
  • Indulge the Beast and deny it; true comprehension of unlife requires a broad range of experience.
  • One should alter and augment one's body - changing the flesh may pave the way toward changing the soul.
  • Do not heed the needs or desires of others, as their lack of introspection may distract even the keenest intellect.

Virtues Edit

Metamorphosists subscribe to the Virtues of Conviction and Instinct.

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