Sometimes Paradox creates a pocket Realm and traps a mage within. The most common victim of this imprisonment is a magician bursting with Paradox from flagrant vulgar magick use. The pocket Realm sucks her in and seals her off from normal reality. Quite often, anyone and anything near the magician gets dragged in along with her.

The magick that caused the Paradox effect forms the Realm. A Son of Ether who severely botches his roll to transform a building into hydrogen gas with a matter converter might find himself stuck in a Matter Paradox Realm. Most documented Realms reflect the nature of the fatal Sphere.

  • Correspondence: Distances lose their meaning, direction is impossible to judge, and depth perception fails completely.
  • Entropy: Odd random events occur without cause or effect. Decay increases to horrifying speeds or slows to suspension.
  • Forces:The victim finds herself trapped in a dimension where normal physics are meaningless. Energies flow in reverse, light and dark switch like a film negative, and static electricity is rampant. In extreme cases, gravity and kinetic forces may become reversed; objects fall up or not at all.
  • Life: Biological functions become completely distorted. Plant life grows wildly, while animal life devolves. Life forms change shape rapidly, and the mage experiences various rapid body fluctuations.
  • Matter: All matter becomes jumbled into chaos; solids become ethereal, gasses become solid brick, and liquids lose density and float freely.
  • Mind: The mage becomes trapped within the nearest mental prison: her own mind. The mage, and anyone trapped with her, is subjected to her darkest fears and neurosis.
  • Prime: This Realm is the most difficult to explain, but many surviving Verbena have simply stated, "Pure energy," before collapsing.
  • Spirit: The spirit of the mage is torn away and locked in an Umbral or Dream Realm; her body lies in a catatonic heap.
  • Time: Paradox sticks the victim in a loop of time, replaying the events of her crime repeatedly. In extreme cases she may find herself in a past or a future where the world she knows might not exist yet or has ceased.

Every Paradox Realm has a way out. They are not meant as eternal prisons, but rather as rehabilitation. Only those magicians too arrogant or stupid to realize their mistakes disappear forever. The wise mage will try to understand her mistake and use that knowledge to escape. She must learn that magick cannot solve all of one's problems; any further use of magick only makes things worse. Escape from a Realm may be as easy as walking out of a room, or could stretch over an entire session of soul-searching.

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