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It is thought that Panthesilea may once have been the spirit of one of the first Black Furies to ever set foot in the Amazon Basin. In time, the collective spirit of the Amazon has continually reinforced the power of Panthesilea, and she has grown to represent the Amazon’s beauty, mystery, and fierce vitality.

Panthesilea is perhaps one of the most difficult of the Amazonian totems to contact, and she rarely chooses an entire pack. When she does manifest, she tends to focus on one member of her chosen pack and totally possess that person, speaking to the pack directly and taking a hand in the business she feels needs to be done. That pack member immediately develops an effective Pure Breed score of 5 for the duration of his possession. This Incarna’s commands are exceedingly hard to ignore. This possession, unfortunately, causes madness in all but the most strong-willed of Garou: make a Willpower roll, difficulty 9; unless three successes are scored, lose one point of Willpower per possession. Her consciousness is vast and complicated, reflecting the diversity and wilderness that is the Amazon.


The possessed pack member has a Leadership of 7, a Melee skill of 5, and a Brawl talent of 7. Panthesilea often directs the activities of the pack with her talents, organizing them into an elite fighting force.

The rest of the pack gains the Silent Strider Gift of Attunement. Also, any animal native to the Amazon will never harm one of Panthesilea’s children. Those packs she chooses gain instant alliance with all of the native Uktena, Bastet and Mokole in the area: they all instinctively know someone touched by the Jungle Warrior.

Panthesilea is concerned with the longevity and vivacity of both the spiritual and physical life of the Amazon: currently she is involved with trying to stop the mass-production of fetishes and talens. This production results in many of the Amazonian nature spirits being sucked away.


Panthesilea will often give her children missions to undertake. If they do not follow her orders in such things, she leaves them. The nature of the missions are usually to right the balance of the ecosystem, but the specifics are up to the Storyteller.

Source: Rage Across The Amazon

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