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Panther is a rare totem for Garou, given the bad blood after the War of Rage and subsequent cascades of anger. Panther guides a few packs of Freebooters, Bacchantes, and Amazons, but has not taken a new pack of Garou cubs on in several years; surely any pack she was to take on would have to be exceptional in the traits that Panther favors: grace, speed, and cunning.


Panther gives her children the Gift: Eyes of the Cat, and reduces the difficulties of all rolls involving stealth, grace, or balance by two. Many Red Talons and Get of Fenris despise followers of Panther, primarily due to their distrust of the Bastet. The Bastet consider Panther packs kindred spirits and may call on their sisters in time of need; in particularly rare circumstances they may come to a Panther pack’s assistance.


Panther packs must aid felines in distress – be they housecats stuck in trees or Bastet beset by Wyrm-creatures. Panther packs must bring gossip to her whenever possible.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook Rev

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