Green Dragon

This pack is something of an anomaly among the Black Spiral Dancers. Not only do they openly shun the followers of the Defiler and Devourer Wyrms, they do not limit their destructive impulses to the Spirals' traditional enemies, the Gaian garou. Those that run with the Blood Howler have been swayed by his vision of the entirety of existence blasted away to nothing more than ash, leaving nothing behind. These are not the Dancers you know that will kidnap and rape with wanton abandon. The Hellfire Pack destroys everything that stands in their way, or is destroyed trying. Such is the will of the Beast-of-War.

A trademark sign that the Hellfire Pack is in the area is the discovery of blasted and desolate areas of wilderness, with even the spirits burned from the ground by their patron's balefire.

  • Pack Name: Hellfire
  • Spirit Name: Keeyin'ba'ashkai'thora
  • Spirit Nature: Strength
  • Spirit Type: Green Dragon
  • Creation Date:
  • Departure Date:
  • Members:
    • Alpha: Ang'ghorakh, the Blood Howler
    • Death Scream of the Fallen (Screamer)
    • Dirge of Malfeas (Dirge)
    • Hungry Ghost (Ghost)
    • Reaper of Hope (Reaper)
    • Sings the Wyrm to Sleep (Wyrmsinger)
This pack is designed as NPC antagonists (as if it needed to be said) and is a work in progress.
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