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Sea Otter loves humans who swim and play in the water and who conserve the resources of the sea and land. He despises pollution and the overconsumption of the sea’s wealth, especially shellfish. He has little power outside the natural range of the sea otter, but he gives what he can to those that will help the sea.


Sea Otter allows all of his children to float in the ocean or any water indefinitely; they will never tire or drown. Each child of Sea Otter also swims at twice normal speed and gains a point of Wisdom Renown. It’s rumored that Rokea are well disposed towards children of Sea Otter, although little enough proof exists.


Sea Otter demands that the ocean and its resources remain inviolate, including cleaning streams for use as salmon runs, preserving shellfish beds, and creating and protecting nesting grounds for seabirds. His followers are less often eco-warriors than tireless workers for the maintenance of as much of the sea as can be saved.

Source: Children of Gaia Tribebook Rev

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