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Osprey is a skilled and wise hunter, able to pluck her prey from the river itself. Her respect amongst water elementals and fish spirits is high. Followers of Salmon (Players Guide to the Garou, p. 140) in particular hold Osprey’s children as allies. Osprey chose House Austere Howl as her own, and for centuries she profited from her relationship as the house grew in strength and honor. However, its recent reversal in fortunes has dismayed her. Many of the underground Austere Howl packs, including Queen Mary’s own pack, still honor Osprey and she tries to guide them as they seek to clear the house’s name.


Followers of Osprey gain two dice to any roll taken while on or under a significant body of water. They also gain an extra dot of Perception and two dots of Athletics.


Osprey charges her followers with protecting the rivers and the seas. They must not allow or commit any action that causes a body of water to be fouled, even as slight as urination in a river.

Source: Silver Fangs Tribebook Rev

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