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Orca is a spirit of duality. On one hand, she is a spirit of perception, awareness, intelligence and sensitivity. She understands a harmony of power and majesty in her size, beauty in her striking coloration, and balance and cooperation. Sometimes known as the “Sea Wolf”, legends tell of Orca once being a wolf who once ran into the sea and was transformed, thus having the black and white color and behavior that mimics wolves. Tight-knit families called pods resemble wolf packs in their movements following prey, then working together to bring on a successful hunt.

The other, darker side of Orca draws upon the deep and wild instincts of the predator within. The “killer whale” is always versatile and opportunistic when on the hunt for prey. Orca uses her intelligence and cooperative grouping to create the solid strategies of the hunt, and sometimes witnessing Orca “playing” with her food can be a discomforting reality. Those who would wish to truly understand Orca’s nature must strike a balance between their Rage and their calmer spirit.


Orca's brood get +2 dice to actions taken on or in water. Pack members gain a deeper awareness of their surroundings and those around them. (+1 Perception, +1 Empathy) Pack members are more in tune with their predator’s instincts (+1 Primal-Urge) Children of Orca are connected with each other as a pod would be. The pack does not need to purchase the totem power of pack communication over long distances.


Garou who follow Orca are very strongly connected with each other. Periods of time spent apart cause packmembers to become distressed until they contact the missing pack member. The longer the packmate is missing, the more stress the entire pack will undergo. (System: Members of the pack must meet with each other at least once per lunar cycle. If not all members are present, the pack will become stressed (raised difficulties for *all* actions taken by *each* pack member). If a pack member dies or disappears, the distress often causes the pack to break apart.) In addition, Orca demands her children to protect bodies of water in their territories from corruption, over-fishing, whale hunting and other activities that put stress on the balance of the delicate ecosystem.

Source: Homebrew

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