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As mentioned in Chapter two, the Old Wolf of the Woods is a totem of spirituality rather than war. He misses the days when all Garou looked to him as their spiritual father, and resents the growing number of homid and metis werewolves as compared to the dwindling lupus. Old Wolf of the Woods is a sad spirit – he knows that he will only exist so long as wolves roam the face of Gaia. When the last wolf falls, the totem will cease to be.


Each pack member gains three points of temporary Honor when Old Wolf of the Woods is chosen as a pack totem, and Red Talons also treat such packs with great respect. Old Wolf also grants his pack the ability to call on his knowledge: each pack member may call upon Ancestors 5 once per story, but may not access the Abilities that are restricted to lupus characters. Finally, werewolves who follow Old Wolf of the Woods have an easier time stepping sideways; reduce all difficulties related to piercing the Gauntlet by one.


Old Wolf of the Woods doesn’t hate homid or metis Garou, but will never accept them as children. Only lupus Garou may follow Old Wolf as a totem.

Source: Red Talons Tribebook Rev

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