Nicholas Grey has been said to be charismatic, charming, and generous. Certainly his employees tend to think so, although they also agree he can be a stickler, with an eye for efficiency. Though he's known to crack jokes, he can also be solemn, and his demeanor waxes intense when he's focused on something. Oftentimes he seems more tiger than wolf: powerful, confident, and biding his time.

That is, of course, most days; there are other days where he seems almost manic, rushing from task to task and topic to topic. Though he won't admit it, his poor sleeping habits have made him a coffee fiend, and on those nights where he can't sleep, it shows.

While it's not easy to get onto Nicholas's bad side, it's not particularly a walk in the park to get onto his good side either. He holds most people at arm's length, and though he's polite and genial, it's tough to get much more out of him than that. Much of his life, thoughts, feelings, and outlooks are kept a tight-lipped secret.

More recently however, one person has gotten close to him and that would be Kennedy Parker. Though it was a long time in coming--four years to be exact--it's caused a transformation in the ragabash: he tends to be much warmer, cracks more jokes, and has, quite forcibly, opened up just a little. Though he still isn't the sharing type with friends or acquaintances, Kennedy gets the singular privilege of helping him tend to his thoughts.

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