What Type Who Approved by Finished Slot Status Explanation
Slot 1 02-25-10 Locked Locked from Willpower 7
Slot 2 Knowledge: Linguistics 1, Mother's Tongue to Kennedy Weaver 04-13-10 Open After a few dream situations where it became fairly clear that should they ever have to fight side-by-side, Nick is going to have to be in Crinos, it was decided she should learn the rudiments of at least understanding Mother's Tongue, even if she can't speak it back. Things like, ~Run~ and ~Stay here~ and ~Shoot the guy on the left~ are all very useful phrases.
Slot 3 Rite: Hangover Cure from Jason Bard Weaver 03-21-10 Locked Hey, he's practically an alcoholic half the time! Any time he's too smashed to remember to shift before he passes out, he finds himself wishing he knew this. Cue Fianna.
Slot 4 03-23-10 Locked Locked from Knowledge: Computer 1

Advancement HistoryEdit

Completion Date What Type Who Explanation Slot
3/23/10 Knowledge: Computer 1 From Anso Koenig Brushing up on his computer security via his new network security head.
2/25/10 Willpower 7 From Kennedy Grey Kennedy has been invading his dreams and getting him to use them as training grounds rather than a source of fear. What's more, she's been teaching him how to cool down when he's upset, and how to bypass the upset altogether. Seize the day, after all.
2/22/10 Talent: Dodge 1 To Leira Knowing that his daughter is a small moon like him, and wanting some fatherly bonding time with her, Nick has decided to teach her how to get the heck out of the way. Ah, the family art of twinkdoj. He's starting with learning how to dodge projectiles (rubber throwing stars), just to get her in the habit of moving lightly, and then progressing to dodging during sparring. 3
2/12/10 Gift: Electroshock from Spirits/Self During his trip to Aspen (12/18-12/24), Nicholas will be spending most of his time around his old alpha and mentor, Jenna Pine (listed on the Extras page). He'll be trying to learn Electroshock from her in his spare time while he's there, getting down the basics, then spend the rest of his time trying to get it learned from the spirits and practice. Probably using Querca as translator, if need be. 2
11/16/09 Rite: Rite of Passage to Urick Garret In exchange for learning Rite of Bonding, Nicholas is teaching Urick Rite of Passage. 2
11/15/09 Skill: Marksmanship 1 to Jocelyn Reynard-Wellington In exchange for all the help with the wedding, and as part of combat training, Nicholas has agreed to teach Jocelyn how to use a gun. (Technically Kennedy and Nick are jointly teaching Jocelyn and David, but for +learn purposes, Nick's teaching Jocelyn.) 1
11/15/09 Background: Fame 1 from Self With what he's been doing for the city, Nick's name has become known at least in some circles. His name's in the paper, his face is in magazines like Popular Science. He's got some pull, and he's on a first-name basis with the mayor.
11/2/09 Rite: Bonding Rite from Urick In exchange for RoP, Urick is teaching Nick the Rite of Bonding. 2
10/11/09 Gift: Slip of the Tongue from Spirit Acquiring extra points in the revision.
9/27/09 Gift: Blissful Ignorance from Spirit Acquiring extra points in the revision.
9/5/09 Stamina 2 from Kennedy Nicholas has been cajoled into training by Kennedy, after all the desserts he "forces" her to eat. Every morning at five-thirty now, she drags him out for a high-energy jog, and forces him to get past his limits. On top of that, given their new extra-business relationship, he's also, ahem, pushing his limits in the bedroom. Between these two things, he's got his work cut out for him. 1
Red denotes a +learn; Green denotes a +teach; Gray denotes a retconned +lteach.
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