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Mouse is humble, for she is one of the lowliest of all totems. She is a common totem among the rabble, for she is the only one willing to look for a lone Garou. While she may help an outsider find a temporary pack, she does not expect her ward to remain in it for long. Mouse's survival depends on hiding completely from her predator. She is quiet enough to live in the midst of mankind without attracting attention to herself. Her children are also perfectly willing to travel with others who are stronger and more capable than they are. This totem was once known as the Great White Mouse, but she has become so weak that her status has diminished.


Mouse bestows Stealth 1 and the Gift: Tagalong. A Garou does not have to belong to a pack to follow this totem. The loner's totem-spirit is, of course, a Gaffling that appears as a tiny mouse.


If a follower of Mouse has not temporarily joined a pack with Tagalong, he must uphold the High Ban and stay in Homid form until he does. If he does not uphold this ban, he loses his totem spirit until the next full moon; he also loses a point of temporary Honor or Wisdom (Storyteller’s choice). If a homid Garou following Mouse is wounded, he may step sideways, shift out of breed form, and heal before returning to the physical world. Regardless of breed, her followers uphold this stricture until they can find other packs that will accept them.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Rev

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