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Although Merlin is far from the largest or most dangerous of birds, Merlin appears in many different ways amongst Falcon’s brood. To the Fianna he is a Totem of Wisdom (see Tribebook: Fianna p. 83) but the Silver Fangs know him in his guise as a Totem of Respect and as the Totem of House Blood Red Crest. Merlin, because he is one of the smallest of hawks, also tends to be swift, fierce and cunning. He is a champion of the underdog, teaching that size is far from the most important factor and that courage and intelligence are just as important, if not more so. He cautions that his children should use cunning before pure aggression and strike swiftly and with wisdom.


Packs devoted to Merlin gain three dice for their Brawl dice pools and two dice for their Dodge dice pools when confronting enemies physically larger than themselves. He also grants them three extra Willpower points per story, bolstering their courage in the fight with the Wyrm.


Followers of Merlin must not kill birds of prey of any kind, and must also spare their spirits. They may ignore this ban for raptors that the Wyrm has corrupted if, and only if, there is no hope of capturing and purifying it.

Source: Silver Fangs Tribebook Rev

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