(1 point merit)

You don't stand out in a crowd. In fact, you don't stand out at all. People just don't notice you unless you make some kind of fuss. Naturally, such unobtrusiveness comes in handy; while bystanders are paying attention to more-memorable folk, you're off checking facts, investigating details or slipping objects into your trenchcoat. Being bland has its advantages.

Although it's not as powerful as the Background: Arcane, this Merit helps you keep a low profile. In story terms, people just don't remember your features or name unless you make a point of impressing folks with them. You're... um... that guy.... If anyone else is making an impression in the vicinity, you don't. In game terms, anyone who tries to remember meeting or seeing you needs to make a Perception roll (difficulty 6) to recall your features or name. The downside is that you add two to the difficulty of any Social rolls you attempt. (Damn, you don't even get noticed when you need to be!) Unlike Cloaking, this Merit does not in any way render you invisible or cover evidence of your existence, and you can't "turn it off." It simply lets you drift through life making very little impression on people. They see you, but they don't really pay attention.

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