(4-5 point Merit)

Not actually intended for mortals, this merit is necessary for vampire, wraith, mage and changeling characters who are Kin as well. Despite your undead, magical or faerie status, your tribe accepts you as Kin (although they don't necessarily think of you in glowing terms). Individuals outside your immediate family may not like you, and other tribes probably won't treat you well - they may not even recognize you as Kin. After all, most werewolves view mages as caern raiders and vampires as Wyrm-spawn. Likewise, you're 'other' life may sometimes impinge on Kinfolk business. Still, there's value in knowing about both worlds.

Supernatural Kinfolk is a 4-point merit for changelings, mages and wraiths. It costs 5 points for vampires; the were creatures and vampires have always been at odds, and even family ties do little to erase the gulf between their ideologies. If you have an especially close friend among the Garou, you'll also need to buy Werewolf Companion. If you build a Kinfolk character with the standard rules who's not dead, Embraced, Awakened or Kithain, you may not take this merit; it's strictly for characters constructed as wraiths, vampires, mages or changelings and based upon rules from other World of Darkness games.

  • Note: This merit can allow supernatural kin to take level 1 Gifts as appropriate; freebies apply as normal in this regard. Willpower, etc. costs are judged by the subject's Supernatural origin, however.
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