(3-7 pt Merit)

Spirits congregate at location in the Umbra that parallels your position in the Realm. You do not know of their presence unless you possess the first Rank of the Spirit Sphere or have been alerted by others that do. Spirits are there because they like being around the Quintessence that forms your physical body's Pattern or your Avatar. These spirits often fight amongst themselves for various reasons — the spirits are enemies, they all want to be around the character's heart or brain, they want to protect the character, they want to kill the character, etc.

Some of these spirits might remain within the Spirit Realms in areas that correlate with the physical space that makes up a mage's Pattern in the physical world. (Some areas in the Spirit Realms correlate to physical locations.) These spirits affect the behavior and appearance of the character. If there are evil spirits within the character's "spirit" form, the character will slowly be twisted into doingevil acts unless the proper procedures are taken to remove these blights from the character's Avatar. If good spirits possess the "spirit" form, they will be likely to help the character out in appropriate situations. Also note that there is a distinction between spirits and wraiths.

As a Merit, benign spirits will flock about the Umbra in an area (of the Penumbra) that correlates to the character's physical location. They will do what they can to alert the character to dangers within the Umbra. If the character is about to unknowingly perform an act that is "evil," the spirits will do their best to alert the character of that fact. If these spirits are destroyed, others will soon arrive to take their place.

The number of freebie points spent affects the level of spirit involvement with the character and other spirits within the Umbra.

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