(5 point Merit)

The vitality of Life flows within you with preternatural strength. This lifeforce is so strong, in fact, that all nonaggravated wounds heal as if they were one wound level less; if you are Injured, you will heal in three days what others heal in a week. If you are Hurt, you heal in only one day. Bruises disappear in an hour.

If in perfect health yourself, you may share your vitality with others through the power of your touch. Anyone you assist recovers at your accelerated rate, but if the person is badly mauled or crippled, she will require months of constant bedside nursing. If the possessor of this gift is proficient in the Sphere of Life, he may heal aggravated wounds as if they were non-aggravated. All difficulties with Life magic for the purpose of healing, creation, growth or positive change (repairing congenital defects, for example) are at -2 when the touch is used. The mage's supernatural vitality aids the effect. Verbena consider this merit to be the mark of a born healer, while the Sons of Ether think it is a recessive, albeit desirable, mutation.

On the downside, your blood is particularly tasty to vampires, being twice as potent as most mortals, and you regenerate on top of it. Vampires have names for people like you — "Cornucopia," "Big Gulp," or simply "Mine!"

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