(3 point Merit) (Kinfolk)

Over the years, you've become more than adept at picking out the werewolves in a crowd. This isn't any kind of mystical awareness, you've simply learned more than the average kinfolk what physical and personality traits tend to mark Gaia's warriors. They just stand out to you, once they're undergone the Change. This merit doesn't allow you to find werewolf cubs on the verge of Firsting, but you may notice their propensity for violence.

This merit does not mean to imply that other kinfolk (or shifters) can't attempt guesswork at discovering a Garou from human. Any kinfolk or character that would have practice picking out Garou may make a Perception + Insight roll, where the difficulty is reduced by the target's Rage or Primal-Urge score, whichever is higher (minimum 3). However, normal kinfolk must have a good reason for making this roll. A kinfolk with this merit may make this roll automatically when in the presence of any shifter. In addition, any Perception attempt to notice which people in the immediate area are shifters always succeeds if at least one success is managed. Garou can always be picked out; other shifters are known to be shifters, but their race remains a mystery.

  • Note: In the case of non-Garou kinfolk, replace Garou with the appropriate Fera.
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