(1-5 point Merit) (Changeling)

You can remember one or more of your previous incarnations. This can be as simple as constant deja vu in places known to your past lives, or as complex as conscious, waking memories of being another person. In practical terms, this means that your character (and therefore you the player) knows slightly more about whatever situations the dead memories contain. You might know your way around the past life's hometown, or back away from your murderer without knowing why. This is a good background for beginning players; the Storyteller can tell them that something they are about to do is stupid, dangerous or both, because even if the character wouldn't logically know that, one of her past lives might. However, this Background cannot be used to "remember" Abilities.

The Storyteller can, and likely should, take the opportunity to flesh out one or more of these past selves with you. Unless the memory is very detailed, your character isn't likely to know everything about that past.

  • One point — Deja vu memories of one life
  • Two points — Dreamy, vague memories of one life, with deja vu from several lives
  • Three points — Vague memories of several lives and one or two well-remembered impressions from one life
  • Four points — Several well-remembered impressions from many lives
  • Five points — A clear but broken thread of memories back to the Mythic Age and beyond...
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