(2 point Merit)

Your old life ended tragically... or so they believe. These days, you're essentially a new person. As far as family, friends, the government and other folks are concerned, you're long gone. Unless you break your cover, no one knows who you are... who you were.

Being dead isn't all fun, though. Chances are, you miss at least one person from your old life, but visiting him would be A Very Bad Idea. At the very least, it'll be painful — at worst, you could get him killed. Unless you change your face or fingerprints, you might leave the authorities with all kinds of awkward questions. ("According to records, this woman died three years ago. So why was she in a bank this morning?") There's probably someone looking for you, or making sure you keep a low profile. Attract attention from these parties, and you might not be "walking dead" much longer.

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